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Hello.  You may or may not know me.  mr. brown

My name is Mr. Brown (currently working on making that Dr. Brown).  I am a Ph.D candidate in Asian and Comparative Philosophy with an emphasis on metaphysics, epistemology and the philosophy of language at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa.  It looks like I will also being completing a second Master’s degree in Southeast Asian Studies.

My philosophical interests include the problem of universals and similarity, linguistic and metaphysical vagueness, mereology, theories of truth and meaning, philosophy of mind, analogical reasoning (upamāṇa), Nyāya-Vaisheshika philosophy and Islamic legal philosophy. I am currently working on a manuscript on violence and Buddhism in South and Southeast Asia.  I study Sanskrit, Pali and Khmer, and speak a bit of Malay/Indonesian.

Outside of the esoteric and rarefied field of semi-pro metaphysics, bunraku biwakosome more obscure languages and Slavophilia, I’m also a passionate “Asianist” (such a strange thing to express a part of yourself–I guess I am also a “Appalachianist” as well).  I’ve spend much of the last 12 years of my life living, studying, traveling, and working in Asia.  I, am of course studying Asian philosophy, but I also hold a Certificate of Southeast Asian studies from the Universiti Sains Malaysia where I did research on aboriginal carvings and Islamic law for a year.  I’ve lived in Malaysia, southern India, Japan and Cambodia and have taken long sojourns through Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Myanmar.  I recently started a Khmer language learning blog but it has stalled out at the moment as my attention is focused elsewhere.  I also obsessively tweet the Southeast Asia News on Twitter  @southeastasia4u, Southeast Asia News.

Professionally, I am an education and cultural consultant.  I began my career at the Center for Learning, Teaching, Communication and Research at Berea College, and went on to become the founding Academic Director of TutorVista.Com, what became the world’s largest online tutoring company.  It was acquired by Pearson Education for around $220 million.  EdFlight is my latest venture.  Check out what we are doing at ACTRev.Com.

Did I mention I’m really into puppets?

I do keep my personal journals, and I also keep a public blog, the not quite infamous Mr. Brown Goes Around.

Me and my wife, Peou, in Vietnam

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