• Body of the Mo’o Laniloa at La’ie Point, O’ahu, Hawai’i

      The great lizard (mo’o) Laniloa was the guardian of the area of La’ie on the island of O’ahu.  But a man, Kana, slew this beast and cut its body into five pieces.  These are the islands one can now see from La’ie Point.

  • Kawai Nui

  • Ulupo Heiau

        It’s 1750. Kailua is the political seat of power for the district of Ko’olaupoko and a favored place of the O’ahu chiefs for its abundance of fish and good canoe landings. The houses of the ali’i (chiefs), their families, and their attendants surround Kailua Bay. Behind the sand beach is the large, fertile …

  • False Ho`okupu

    In Hawai’i, one often encounters a rock, wrapped in a leaf (often a tii leaf), left as an offering.  However, this is actually not a practice or custom of the Hawai’ian peoples.  On fact, such an offering is considered offensive by those who still retain the sacred knowledge of the Hawai’ian peoples. Some speculate that …