Philosophy 100

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In this  course, we will be exploring some of the perennial concerns of philosophy in a variety of philosophical traditions through the exploration of classical and contemporary primary texts, secondary texts and a variety of media sources.  Our focus will be on the American-European and South Asian traditions as we consider questions such as, “What is there?”, “What am I?”, “What should I do?” and “How do I know?”  These are the questions of metaphysics, personal identity, ethics and epistemology.

I have tried to design the course in a manner that students are not required to purchase many textbooks for the course.  Students may choose to print sources as they see fit (because of images, I suggest you select and print or print from a .txt file).  This does create a challenge, however, and that is careful and critical reading skills and note-taking.  Philosophy is still a discipline that demands close and careful reading, and while we will engage with a variety of different types of media reading will still remain the core and most important part of this course.

You will receive a syllabus that includes the dates of assignments.  Please note that the syllabus may change through the semester.  You will need to use the latest syllabus that you have to identify what materials you need from this Web site to prepare for class.  Note that for class you may also be directed to materials not available on this Web site.  The moral: come to class and pay attention.